Two Days

Drinks For Today and Tomorrow

Two Days make drinks that are lighter in alchohol, don’t contain any additives – only natural ingredients – and don’t have any added sugar. But this isn’t really about the less, it’s more about the more. About doing more, going more places, seeing more friends and living life more. It’s about doing it all today and doing it again tomorrow.

For Today and Tomorrow

It was important for us to celebrate the idea of lower ABV, rather than think of it as missing out. Our vision was to conjure an image of all the things you could do now, whilst imagining the potential of tomorrow. Under the overarching line ‘For Today and Tomorrow’ Two Days provides people with a rare option to drink, but still have plenty of flavour, have fun, but still have fun tomorrow.

We worked with Two Days to create the positioning, name, visual identity and product packaging for this new brand of lower ABV drinks. Combining a simple visual system with a powerful and emotive strategy, we have so far applied this to the design of the cans, the product photography and simple launch campaign. With so much potential in the brand, the work has very much just begun.


The line of sodas has just launched in two flavours, Vodka Lime and Vodka Raspberry, with a third be introduced very soon. Watch this space.