Plantalist – For a Brighter Plate

As support grows to battle climate change we are seeing more vegetarians, flexitarians and planetarians all make a shift towards plant based eating. And this is where Plantalist comes in. A digital first platform delivering curated recipes, inspiration and guidance to the burgeoning Plant-based community.

Minimum product, Maximum message

With momentum growing in the soon to be crowded sector, we were tasked with building an MVP brand that would help our client get a product to market quickly. We steered away from traditional vegan or ‘free from’ communication, and created a positive brand message – Vibrant, colourful, plant based eating can allow for a brighter future for people and planet.

Digital Design

Alongside the core visual identity we developed the initial UI of the web-app. A series of icons, typography, colour palettes and style guides to get the product to market testing.


Currently in a stage of initial development we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Plantalist as the platform grows.