Eat Work Art

Connecting Creative Communities

Eat Work Art provide creative studio space for artists, musicians, makers, and craftspeople. Turning former print works, Tibetan Buddhist centres and 60’s office blocks into inspiring environments that nurture creativity.

Creative Thread

The visual identity features a consistent use of key line. From brand marque to site illustration, building facades and an extensive icon set. This is the glue, the creative thread that holds the identity together.

Open Studios

We have collaborated with the Eat Work Art team on various projects from Open Studios campaigns, event marketing, social campaigns and printed media. The 2018 Open Studios identity, was lead by a social campaign using playful, kinetic typography to represent the events taking place.


Thanks to Erica, Relio, Leo and the rest of the EatWorkArt team. Shouts to Andy Donohoe for the beautiful images and further image credits to Harry Powell and Ray Uscata.