Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Founded in 1981, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe is a collective of over 60 members based in every corner of the continent. We helped them develop their tired visual identity whilst keeping a reference to the heritage of the ensemble.

Unwritten Alchemy

Following an extensive brand positioning workshop with over 30 members, one thing was clear. When together on stage there is an implicit chemistry and alchemy between one another, a sense of flow and understanding unlike any other orchestra. This became a focus when re-drawing the iconic Red Bird.

Digital Home

The website is a place to house archival content and recordings whilst also acting as a live calendar showing past, current and future concerts. It was designed to be easily viewed on any device and updated with ease in house.


Defining the character of an 80 strong orchestra does not come without challenges, especially when they are dotted all over the continent. To ensure we reflected the collective whole and not a single voice, we held a workshop with over 40 members of the orchestra whilst on tour in Ferrara, Italy. This allowed us to create an identity fit for purpose and one the members can relate to.