Experiment for Land project using kute.js

Blackletter Serene Soccer Jersey by @lukedodridge

The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties] exhibition by Mathis Tamm

'C' by Luzi Type

A Naive Response.

Type by Jack Kimberley

Procedurally generated ocean via Shadertoy


Experiment for Lapp project using PIXI.js

Black and white type from @studiolin

Mohol - Custom typeface for the Hungarian Design Grant / 2016. Designed by Hungarumlaut type foundry from Sopron, Hungary

Typography by @hugotype


Paul Gacon & My Name Is Movers

Forever Immigrant (Tattoo) is a reactivation of the work Forever Immigrant as a tattoo at VT Artsalon in Taipei. The Forever Immigrant tattoo made by YQ Tattoo was on Betty Apple. It was also tattooed onto the skin of six other people during a 3-hours performance. Each participant received a certificate of the work. For his art performance Forever Immigrant (Tatto), Marco Godinho uses Perec (designed by Alejandro Lo Celso, PampaType, 2010).

Designer and typographer @fabiobiesel

Skrappa by @jacob.j.wise

Experiment for Luum project using Three.js

Experiment for Sandows project

Black and white type animation by @olivier.bucher

Cover art creates for Tizmoret's single River designed by Bentzion Goldman and Nina Sivan

Experiment for IF_DO project using PhysicsJS

Mateo Broillet: Sandberg Institute

Experiment for Defective Carrots project using parallax.js, Snap.svg

Motion by Jenny Liu

“Flight of the Navigator” via Shadertoy

Found typography.