Found typography.

Experiment for IF_DO project using PhysicsJS

Typography by @hugotype

'C' by Luzi Type

Paul Gacon & My Name Is Movers


Experiment for Lapp project using PIXI.js

Procedurally generated ocean via Shadertoy

Experiment for Luum project using Three.js

Blackletter Serene Soccer Jersey by @lukedodridge

Mateo Broillet: Sandberg Institute

Black and white type animation by @olivier.bucher

Mohol - Custom typeface for the Hungarian Design Grant / 2016. Designed by Hungarumlaut type foundry from Sopron, Hungary

Forever Immigrant (Tattoo) is a reactivation of the work Forever Immigrant as a tattoo at VT Artsalon in Taipei. The Forever Immigrant tattoo made by YQ Tattoo was on Betty Apple. It was also tattooed onto the skin of six other people during a 3-hours performance. Each participant received a certificate of the work. For his art performance Forever Immigrant (Tatto), Marco Godinho uses Perec (designed by Alejandro Lo Celso, PampaType, 2010).

Experiment for Defective Carrots project using parallax.js, Snap.svg

Cover art creates for Tizmoret's single River designed by Bentzion Goldman and Nina Sivan

The X-Files [Registry of the Nineties] exhibition by Mathis Tamm

Motion by Jenny Liu

Experiment for Land project using kute.js

Designer and typographer @fabiobiesel

A Naive Response.

Skrappa by @jacob.j.wise


Type by Jack Kimberley

Black and white type from @studiolin

“Flight of the Navigator” via Shadertoy

Experiment for Sandows project